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We keep seeking for the purity and looking for better possibilities in hair industry

– as drawing the circle with no ends and approaches as perfect as possible. With expertise and dedication of product development, Scalp Science insists on efficacy, environmentally friendly, and eventually revitalization of hair roots.

  • Low temperature Nano-extraction Technology
  • Plant base, herbs, Seaweed, Grains
  • Clinically tested & proven
  • Certification of ISO 22716

Scientifically Proven Hair and Scalp Care Products

Scientifically proven hair and scalp care products” refer to meticulously researched formulations designed to address a myriad of scalp-related concerns. These products are developed based on the principles of scalp science, which involves comprehensive studies on scalp health, physiology, and factors affecting it. This multidisciplinary field encompasses understanding the scalp’s anatomy, common conditions

like dandruff and alopecia, and factors influencing hair growth, such as genetics and nutrition. Scientifically proven products undergo rigorous clinical trials to validate their efficacy, safety, and performance. They utilize active ingredients supported by scientific research, offering consumers confidence in their ability to maintain scalp health and address specific issues effectively.


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Our customers rave about the transformative results they’ve experienced with Scalp Science’s innovative products and informative resources, leading to healthier, more vibrant hair.

“Scalp Science changed my hair game! Their products and info are a game-changer.”
Maria mia

“Scalp science” refers to the study and understanding of the scalp’s health, physiology, and the factors that can affect it. This field encompasses various aspects related to scalp health, including:

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SCALP SCIENCE offers a comprehensive Scalp Care Management System that includes an intensive line-, it could set up multiple scalp treatments for all the scalp concerns, such as dandruff, oily hair, hair loss, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Our products promise extraordinary results and can enable your practice to fully integrate a complete range of scalp care services.