Introducing the ScalpScience


Investing in essential hair care products is the foundation block for any salon, as it allows you to tailor your treatments to your client's needs. Sometimes, clients think that shampoo is enough to keep their hair healthy. In reality, we need to take the time to understand our hair and invest in the products that can make a difference, which is why salon clients are increasingly looking for optional treatments. At ScalpScience, we’re proud of our Patent 10 Complex that is plant-based with clinically proven results. We’re delighted to introduce you to our ‘Scalp Liquid’ range.

  •  Formulated for SS Scalp Science
  • Low temperature Nano-extraction Technology
  • Plant base, herbs, Seaweed, Grains
  • Clinically tested & proven
  • Certification of ISO 22716


Meet our


At ScalpScience, we’re on a mission to provide nourishing haircare products that are help to tackle every haircare concern and are the key to achieving healthy hair. Our ‘Scalp Liquid’ products contain ten natural botanical ingredients.

Introducing Our


The ScalpScience ‘Scalp Liquid’ range is de
signed as a two-part system that allows you
to treat your detox your scalp and treat hair
issues such as dandruff and excess oil. Start
by choosing one of the three “D’Tox” prod
ucts and use them in partnership with one of
our four “Treat” products.

Introducing Our


For the first step, we recommend applying one pump of the product to the scalp and gently massage until it fully incorporates the product into the hair. You’ll want to wait 10 minutes before using your ‘Treat’ product. Once your ‘D’Tox’ product has been allowed to set, you can go in with your chosen ‘Treat’ product. You can apply it exactly like the first step by massaging one pump of the product into the scalp by gently massaging. We recommend leaving the product in for ten minutes before proceeding to shampoo.

Introducing the ScalpScience


At ScalpScience, we’re excited to introduce you to our Intensive Dermo Plus range. These products will help you treat clients with scalp concerns, as each of the variants focused on specific hair types. In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at our new product range. We’ll help you understand the benefits of each of the ingredients and what each of the Intensive Dermo Plus products can achieve by taking an in-depth look. You can use these products in partnership with our ‘Scalp Liquid’ range, which has specific product variants for each hair type.

The Intensive


ScalpScience is proud to be a Korean brand that uses plant-based ingredients to create our clinically-tested hair care products. Our Intensive Dermo Plus range features six extracts that we’re going to examine them up close and personal.

Introducing the ScalpScience


All good things are worth the wait. The ScalpScience ‘D’Booster’ has ten years in the making. We’ve combined scientific research and patented ultrasonic low temperature extraction technology to produce a product that will revolutionize the hair regrowth industry. As a plant-based skincare company, we pride ourselves on the fact that the D’Booster is paraben-free and contains no colorants. This product is available for retail orders and is suitable for all hair types.